“Monumentally helpful
to having the most meaningful
night’s rest”
👉🏾     👈🏾

Fresh off a clinical trial, our expert-designed text bot is proven to improve sleep in as little as 3 weeks.

On average, users can:
more awake
fall asleep
less anxious
Yeah, we know

🏥 Sleep clinics keep putting you on waitlists for studies

🗓️ Therapists are all booked up forever

🤷‍♀️ Even if you wait 6 months for a sleep test, it might be negative

💸 No one takes insurance anymore, and insomnia therapy costs $1200

☠️ You can't just stare at the ceiling until you're off a waitlist

💊 You can’t just buy sleep aids for the rest of your life

🌚 Mental health apps are shady and overhyped

😤 It really shouldn’t be this difficult

That’s why we made this 🤗

Our science-backed, measurement-based, clinically-proven automated therapy programs ensure improved outcomes on the cheap—or your money back.

Yes—our programs really work without a therapist.

Designed and built by a legit psychologist-client team.

Now used by other psychologists and their own clients—as well as individuals like you.

What users say about our clinical trial

It was monumentally helpful to become more aware of my feelings while preparing to sleep, trying to stay asleep, and having the most meaningful night’s rest.”

The daily tips were relevant and helpful, and I would recommend it to my friends/family.”

It was impressive how quickly my thought-process prior to bedtime changed. I am very grateful for the SMS Intervention.”

Noticed I began relying on it to remind me of the various behaviors. Once I got used to it, I liked it.”

No apps. No pills. No appointments. Just science 🪄
Sleepbot will calculate your sleep schedule and track your progress based on your daily reports.
Sleepbot will text you daily scheduled reminders for good sleep hygiene habits. You’ll also receive daily suggestions specific to your reported sleep troubles.
Everything that’s tracked is displayed on your web dashboard. The program lasts for 6 weeks, and you can pause at any time.
Low-cost, high-quality behavioral health care for all.

Overcome the underlying causes of your insomnia in as little as 3 weeks, for only $30.